When we are close to Christmas, you are not just looking for a gift, you are looking for original and unique gifts for your most deserving people. But those gifts always resist us and when the fateful countdown begins, the stress, the endless queues, the indecision and the last minute shopping starts.

We begin to wander the streets desperate window shopping, going to the same stores as always, where, although we know what we are going to find, we have a small hope that a ray of light illuminates the perfect gift.

At Markmonk we are convinced that, rummaging through hundreds of practically identical products for days, can cause serious neuronal damage and a worrying hair loss.

Let’s face it, these dates are stressful enough without having to give our gifts with embarrassment. That’s why we’ve brought you five basic tips that we tend to forget, blinded by the Christmas lights, to make it easier for you to give original gifts without dying in the attempt.

1. Discard the same old gifts every year.
To begin with and perhaps the most obvious advice, if you want to make original gifts:

Forget about sweaters, socks, colognes or pajamas that are already well worn and you will only get to fall into the same thing every year. In addition, do not doubt that this gift will be repeated by another friend or relative. That is why it is important to cross out of your shopping itinerary all those stores that have these products and derivatives.

Everyone knows that these are the kind of gifts you give when you don’t know what else to give!

2. Think about what she really likes
Many times we forget to make a list of things that make the person to whom you want to give a gift unique, what things distinguish them from the rest of the people. It is necessary to put ourselves in their shoes when choosing their gift and list for example their likes and hobbies.

When we have that list, it will be much easier to direct our original gifts. If he is passionate about Jimmy Hendrix, spends hours dancing in the living room or loves to do Star Wars marathons, use it to make the gift you make special and make it clear that you know him very well.

3. Collect shared and special moments
Collect those moments that end up coming up in every conversation and when you remember them you can talk about them for hours. Now that’s a good gift. I’m sure that right now you are remembering many of those moments, am I right?

For example, you can prepare an album with the songs that were playing on a trip you made with that person, get the poster of that sooooo bad movie, give them a t-shirt (or it can be a cap, wallet, mug …) with that phrase – moment with which you were teasing all summer.

These types of gifts reinforce the bonds you have with that person. When they give you a gift with dedication and effort you simply notice it, you feel that you matter, that they know you well and they make you remember again those great moments that should not be forgotten.

4. Make your gift unique
Making a unique gift is always a plus, and it is very easy to achieve. You can accompany your gift with a small detail made with your hands, such as a card with a different message, go a step beyond the typical paper wrapping, and you can even add a cheeky and cheeky detail to your gift.

There’s no better way to show that person is special to you than giving gifts with a special touch.

5. The best, personalized gifts
Undoubtedly the best option for gift giving is something personalized. You can customize any type of object to adapt it to you. What better idea than to adapt an object to the tastes and hobbies of our people. Design a gift specifically for that person.

The options are endless, and can be adapted to any person. You can customize a photo frame, a pair of slippers (with their favorite fictional character), a different cap, if they like music, a pair of headphones?

What better idea than to adapt an object to the tastes and hobbies of our special people?

In Markmonk we offer you a way to save all the queues, the fights for the last sweater with a reindeer, the up and down the same street praying to find a store that we had not seen before and also ….

you can make unique hand-painted gifts of your choice.

You just have to think of an idea to personalize your gift and make it unique, tell us what you are looking for and wait quietly at home with your hot chocolate waiting for the gift that will save you this Christmas. Also, if you’re running out of time?

you can choose from our unique products that are already ready to be shipped.

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